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Paint and Wine in Albuquerque’s at Wine down with Art Paint Night or day events.  Art Classes for Kids and Adults, Sargent’s Art Academy  Art School NE Albuquerque.

It’s simple to book your spot, go to the Event Calendar and find your favorite paint date and choose . Show up, grab a drink and have fun! Drinking is optional, of course.

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               S U K I   W I L L O U G H BY

My education started early on as I studied art throughout my young life, hugely supported by my parents to explore the arts. My travels abroad to SE Asia an Italy increased my knowledge. Having gained my art schooling in a comprehensive manner a Art Masters Academy for several years in the 90’s learned the do’s and don’ts for all the art mediums and painted everyday for years and my proficiency grew and grew.

I trained in all manner of subjects and was awarded the Maestas mentorship program. I acted as the apprentice to the renowned late master/ artist Louis Maestas. My early works taught me immeasurable amounts.

I’ve always known my life would be filled with beautiful things such as art, architecture gorgeous fabrics Fashion and artistic people. I moved to Los Angeles in the early 1980’s and moved to Asia in 1983. I lived in Asia off and on for seven years. 
I went to school for years and got my bachelors in business management from Cal State Northridge, I took up drawing while there. I Love the idea of  friends and family coming together and making an artistic statement through Painting on a canvas.

Wine Down with Art was started in 2015 in Albuquerque, I like teaching a room full of excited art lovers, and adding some wine or other alcohol to the mix was only going to make the feeling more exciting. I can teach any one to paint with my step by step painting process. Being successful when painting for the first time is important no matter who you are.

While living in Albuquerque I started a 4-year study program under three great artists Louis Maestas, Susan Marshall and Zhang Wen Xin, mostly oil on canvas. I became an artist’s apprentice and painted everyday for years and I haven’t stopped yet. It amazes me how time passes by, one thing I know for sure… I will never regret studying art and following my dreams to make art. I paint several days out of the week and still make Suki Saks for fashion/art lovers! I teach  Art Therapy for 14 Assisted living /rehab facilities  during the day, in the Albuquerque Area and am loving it. I teach watercolor, pastel and acrylic on canvas.

Moving to a foreign country was one of the best things I’ve done. It opened me up and caused me to feel that there were no limits to where I could go in life.

I still practice my Chinese from time to time  and head off to the ocean on a regular basis but, living so close to the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque is nice. New Mexico feels good, I’m home .