Ages 5-10 Sargent’s Arts- Summer Kid’s Camp

Please call if you would like to set up a weekly program at Sargent’s Art Academy 505-508-8893 or EMAIL HERE NOW
Sessions: June and July

Classes are 1.5 hours long  ages: 5-10  June 4th-8th and July 9th -13th is down below. Pay for all 4 below or pick the ones you like.



Directions to the Studio house

Ocean Fishy 6-12-18 1:00pm 1812 propps 87112


Directions to Propps Studio

Pink tree 6-14 at 12 noon 1812 propps 87112


July Session 9th-13th

Dragonfly Fun! July 9th at 10am 1812 Propps st ne 87112


Sunflower Power July 10th at 1;00pm 1812 Propps st ne 87112


White Bird be Free July 12th at 1’ocloc1812 Propps st ne 87112




Bright and sunny Boats July 13th at 10am 1812 Propps st ne 87112


Studio Event Directions

Pay for all 4 of the July events here-108.00