Ages 6-11 Sargent’s Arts-Summer/Fall Kids Program & Home School Info.

Summer/Fall Art Classes for Kids – Sargent’s Art Academy NE Albuquerque. Home School Programs Available Propps Studio Directions

No deadlines on finishing classes, make up classes available through out the summer schedule.

Sargent’s Art Academy for class/s. 1812 Propps st ne 87112

You can have art classes in your school  class room or at Sargent’s Art Academy please call  505-508-8404 or EMAIL HERE NOW mixed ages welcome.

After School-Email here Now Tell the painting/s you want to do. We will contact you and set up a schedule for your ‍child. Expect an email or phone call from us.

After School-Your child get’s to choose their painting/s              .         .     1-Abstract Dove                .  2 -dragonflies               .     3- paper/Paint Tulips     .  4-White Sails  5-Birdy            6-Hieroglyphic hands  7-butterfly  8-Turtle       9-Sunflower                      10-cherry blossoms        11-Fish       12-Mermaid  13-Colorful sails

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

8 9 10 11 12 13

Directions to Propps Studio

Questions or an issue call 505-508-8893 or  Email here Now