Ages 12-17 Classes-Sargent’s Art Academy

Fall Art Classes for Kids – Sargent’s Art Academy NE Albuquerque. Home School Programs Available

Adult Classes Click here (over 18)

Bring your idea and Let’s paint it.

Home School & after school programs available. If you would like to have me come to your school and teach art or set up a weekly program at Sargent’s Art Academy please call  505-508-8893 or EMAIL HERE NOW
Home School Programs for the Propps Studio-EMAIL HERE NOW We will set up a program specifically for your age group, mixed ages welcome.
After School Fall classes- 35.00 for 2 hours Please note the photo selection Choose one or several, more to choose from in class.
 Propps Studio Directions 

Make up classes through-out the summer session. No need to worry about  finishing on a time table.

Sargent’s Art Academy for class/s. 1812 Propps st ne 87112

 Email here Now and say the painting/s you’re interested in doing. I will email you back to arrange times. Suki

 1-Pink dancer   2-female portrait  3-turtle   4-butterfly       5-floral  6-blue/black abstract    7-Asian girl   8-Elephant   9-Black  Bird   10-Horses   11-dandelion   12-Asian flowers

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 11

Propps Studio Directions

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